Notes for attending students
Arrival and Transportation

Students arriving by car - check in location will be listed in the forms sent in April.

Students arriving by air should fly into Albuquerque Airport. You MUST arrange your flights so that your arrival time is BEFORE 2:00pm and your departure time for your return flight is AFTER 12:00pm.

Students MUST wait at their arrival gate until a Jillana School Representative comes to meet them. Representatives will have letters of identification and will be wearing a Jillana School t-shirt.

The Representatives will accompany students on a shuttle bus to the Ski Valley. Shuttle busses will take cash or a credit card.

Students flying out at the end of the session will again be accompanied by Representatives via shuttle to the airport and to their gate.

General Dress

One nice outfit (dress, sweater and skirt or slacks, not fancy), shorts, jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts, underwear, pajamas, sport socks, a pair of good walking shoes (hiking boots) as not all the roads are paved, dress shoes, comfortable shoes, bathing suit and towel, towel/wash cloth for makeup removal, warm jacket, and rainwear. Abolutely no flip-flops in The Ski Valley.

Please bring something "red, white & blue" to wear on July 4th as we participate in the 4th of July Parade.


Most cell phones will have service in The Ski Valley, but double-check with your service provider. There are also phones in most rooms. And WIFI in the condo buildings.

Classroom Attire

Solid black leotards (no colors) for technique classes (3-6). NO halter-top leotards.

White tank leotard and a short white skirt (10"-12") for performance.

Colored leotards (optional) for pointe and variation classes (3-6). NO halter-tops.

Chiffon skirts (optional) for pointe and variation classes (1-2).

Practice tutu, small (white).

Pink tights (3-6).

Pink ballet slippers with ribbons to last 4 weeks*.

Pink pointe shoes with ribbons to last 4 weeks*.

There will be a class on the proper way to attach the ribbon to the ballet slipper.

Character shoes with 1-1.5 inch heels and soles that do not mark the floor. Tan is the preferred color.

Character skirt (black, knee length).

Unitards (optional) for modern (3-6).

Body liner (leotard), nude color, preferably with clear straps, that can be worn under performance attire.

Bras (if needed).

Form fitting body and leg warmers.

Thick exercise mat and a theraband (exercise band) for pilates.

Hair must be securely fastened in a high bun. No jewelry, except stud earrings.

Shirts, pants or shorts must be worn over dance attire when not in the studios.

*The climate can be hard on shoe wear especially pointe shoes.

Activities and Forms

Click here for more information about activities including the forms you will need to have signed.